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Youth Parliament Pakistan Study Visit Report to Sweden


Youth Parliament Pakistan has published the study visit report. Download Report [PDF]

A delegation of Youth Parliamentarians from Pakistan visited Stockholm, the capital of Sweden for a 1-week Study Trip to meet Representatives from the Swedish Government, Political circles and the Civil Society. The Study Visit began on November 25 and concluded on December 01 (2012).

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Youth Parliament Delegates visits the Liberal Youth Party Headquarter; Call-on the Pakistan Ambassador


Stockholm, November 30; Members of the Youth Parliament delegation, currently on a Study Visit to Sweden, visited the Liberal Youth Party Headquarter at Stockholm today. During the visit to the Headquarter, the Members of the Youth Parliament were given a guided tour of the Headquarter by Mr. Filip Wästberg, who gave a briefing on the structure of the Youth wing of the Liberal Party (LUF). He explained the involvement of the youth wing in the policy making and the independent nature of its function.

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Youth Parliament Delegates visits the Stockholm City Council Hall, Sweden Institute and Pressombudsmannen


Stockholm, November 29; Members of the Youth Parliament delegation, currently on a Study Visit to Sweden, visited the Stockholm City Council Hall, the Swedish Institute and Pressombudsmannen today. During the visit to the City Hall, the Members of the Youth Parliament were given a guided tour of City Council Hall by Chief of Protocol, Mr. Christian Kamill, who gave a briefing on the selection procedure of the City Council and functioning of the Municipality of Stockholm. During the meeting, Mr. Samuel Branting, Project Manager Stockholm Youth Parliament, also gave a brief presentation on the working of the Stockholm Youth Parliament.

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Youth Parliament Delegation interacts with the young MPs of Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) and officials of the National Audit office


Stockholm, November 28: On the second day of Youth Parliament Pakistan’s study visit to Sweden, the delegation visited the Nobel Museum and held meetings at the Riksdag and Riksrevisionen. During their visit to the Nobel Museum, the delegates were given briefing about the history of the Nobel Prize and its mechanism of annual distribution. The officials of the museum highlighted the background and contribution of Alfred Nobel in the initiation of this award.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan Study Visit to Sweden


Stockholm, November 27: The Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation that is in Stockholm for a week-long study visit, met and interacted today with the Coordinator and Senior Legal Advisor of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, Ms. Charlotte De Geer Fallman.  Elaborating the jurisdiction of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, she outlined the parameters and the mechanism deployed by the ombudsman to ensure accountability in the Swedish society. The members of Youth Parliament Pakistan briefed her about the legal framework of Pakistan’s Federal ombudsman- Wafaqi Mohtasib.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan undertakes Study Visit to Sweden


Islamabad, November 26: A delegation of the Youth Parliament Pakistan is due to visit Sweden from November 26-30, 2012 as part of a Youth Study Visit facilitated by the Swedish Institute (SI) and initiated by the Swedish Embassy, Islamabad. The 12 member delegation of the Youth Parliament Pakistan, a project conceived, planned and implemented by PILDAT in Pakistan since 2007, will endeavour to understand how the Swedish Political System works and how citizens, especially youth and civil society organizations, hold the government to account in Sweden. As part of the visit programme, Youth Parliament Pakistan members will also visit the Swedish Parliament (the Riksdag) and see how its Members and Standing Committees work. The Young Pakistanis will also hold a dialogue with the Ministers, Youth organizations and different departments of the Swedish Government.

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Devolution of Power is the dire need of the day as a population of 180 million cannot be governed by four Provincial and one strong Federal Government as they are being represented, governed and served by 1100 parliamentarians and about 50 thousand bureaucrats : Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gilani, Chairman Gallup Pakistan


Islamabad, September 23; While addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the last day of the fifth and final session, Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gilani was of the view that social stratification is one of the major problems of Pakistan which need to be addressed at the earliest. In his view, 180 million Pakistanis are restless because of stagnant governance and mobilization of population.

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Civilian ascendency is crucial for the Strengthening of Democratic System in Pakistan, Senator Raza Rabbani, Chairman Parliamentary Committee for National Security addresses Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, September 22;  In an interactive session on the topic of “Civil-Military RelationsSenator  Raza Rabbani, Chairman Parliamentary Committee on National Security, shared with the Youth Parliament Pakistan his analysis on the issue and the way forward.  In his view, the military has played a role of pivotal importance in the national security of the country but the military intervention in the politics and Parliamentary system should not be backed at all. He said, “The foundation stone of civil military relations has been laid by the present government. Civil and military relations have improved, yet the balance continues to elude.” He was of the opinion that the Military should be answerable to the Parliament and Parliamentary committees.

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Youth Parliament urges the federal government to take up the issue at the international level in order to ensure exemplary punishment to the filmmakers and stop such hatred acts in future


Islamabad, September 21; Youth Parliament Pakistan condemns the  policy of fanning hatred which is showing disrespect for a personality whose reputation is noted and is being celebrated for the last 1,400 years of history not only by Muslims but by non-Muslims too. The Youth Parliamentarians commended the Government of Pakistan of marking September 21 (Friday) a national holiday in honour of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  

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The Federation has been strengthened by restoration of the 1973 Constitution; the 18th, 19th and 20th Amendments have brought Pakistan back to a Parliamentary democracy: Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi, Deputy Speaker National Assembly


Islamabad, September 20; The provinces have been empowered in the real sense through greater provincial autonomy and devolution of powers to them and today they enjoy unprecedented freedom in decision-making, administrative operations as well as financial matters. Under 18th and 19th Amendments the provinces of Pakistan are more empowered than ever.”  Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi, Deputy Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan said.

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Efforts should be made to forge unity among the Muslims to foil the conspiracies of anti-Islamic forces: Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, September 19; Youth Parliament Pakistan, on the first day of the fifth session unanimously passed a resolution condemning the blasphemous US movie. The sacrilegious film, the Youth Parliamentarians said, was a conspiracy to distress the Muslims all over the world. They called for efforts to forge unity among the Muslims to foil the conspiracies of the anti-Islam forces.

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“Government must expedite efforts to find lasting solutions to the prolonged displacement of the million of Afghan Refugees.”  Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, August 31; The last day of the fourth session of Youth Parliament was initiated by the Government bills introduced by the concerned Youth Ministers for Law, Parliamentary Affair and Human Right Mr. Muhammad Umar Riaz (YP36-PUNJAB16), Youth Minister for Interior, Kashmir Affairs, Gilgit-Baltistan and FATA, Mr. Muhammad Aamir Khan Khichi (YP30-PUNJAB10) and Youth Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Mr. Gohar Zaman (YP25-PUNJAB05). Mr. Najeeb Abid Baloch (YP05-BALOCHISTAN03) moved a motion to discuss the parameters of state institutions in perspective of ongoing disturbances between the executive and the apex court of the state.  Mr. Muhammad Sohail (YP34-PUNJAB14) said that there is dire need to deal with the lack of coordination between the industries and technical institutions to improve the technical and practical skills of the masses. 

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Democracy is obsolete without free but responsible Media: Raja Shafqat Khan Abassi, Chairman Press Council of Pakistan


Islamabad, August 30; While addressing Youth Parliament Pakistan, Mr. Shafqat Abbasi, Chairman Press Council of Pakistan, laid stress on the need of introducing reforms for the unprejudiced coverage by media personals. He illuminated the multidimensional aspects of accountability, democratic practices and capacity building of regulatory bodies. Another Guest, Political Show Host  Mr. Matiullah Jan  said, “Democracy and dictatorship can never be compared on similar grounds keeping in view the detrimental influences of undemocratic practices in the past.” He was of the view that the Legal Prosecution should be institutionalized in order to deal with the prevalent malpractices in the diverse field of journalism. The maneuvering of corporate sector in media is exploiting its outreach and effects.

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“Dual Nationality Bill will have serious consequences and will pave the way for the hostile forces to undermine the country’s unity on the direction of their foreign mentors: Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, August 29; “Pakistan and India should make the Indus Water Commission more effective by ensuring the exchange of data about the projects on the western rivers in order to minimize the chances of any future water dispute between the two neighboring countries” Youth Parliamentarian said while discussing a resolution in the house.

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Sticking to the Past Pak-India Differences will not lead to any sort of Progress Today or in Future: State Minister of Foreign Affairs Honourable Nawabzada Malik Amaad Khan


Islamabad, August 28;  In an interactive session on the topic of Pak-India Relations Honourable Nawabzada Malik Amaad Khan, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, shared with the Youth Parliament Pakistan his analysis on the Pak-India Relations and the way forward.  He said, “Increased trade between the neighbours will have a positive impact on Pak-India relations. There is total distrust between the two nations. So, the question arises as to what we can do to eliminate the trust deficit.  Keeping in view the present international scenario, the regional cooperation organisations can play a pivotal role towards the peaceful settlement of international disputes.”  He stressed upon the dire need of setting aside the perpetual hawkish attitude by the political leadership of both the nuclear armed neighbours.  “The parliamentarians of both the countries have always been very keen for taking concrete steps as a significant part of the existing confidence building measures”, the Honourable Minister added. He expressed appreciation for the intellectual capacity possessed by the youth parliamentarians regarding the issues of national and international concern.

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The Silence of Pakistani Government and Media over the Brutal Violence in Myanmar is Beyond Comprehension; It is the Need of the Hour to Raise Voice against the Inhuman Act of Myanmar and  Stop its Atrocities on Muslim Population on Immediate Basis: Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, August 27; Youth Parliament Pakistan’s proceedings of the house were initiated with a resolution expressing solidarity with the Muslims of Myanmar. Youth Parliament Pakistan started its 4th Parliamentary session in Islamabad with the discussion on Burma killings. The parliamentarians urged the Government of Pakistan to utilize diplomatic channels in order to deal with the unjustified bloodshed of the Muslims. “Concrete actions should be taken by the government of Myanmar in order to ensure the access of international media to the areas which have been the direct subject of the brutality and discriminatory policy against the Rohingya Muslims”, a motion moved by Minister of Finance Planning Affairs and Economics Mr. Najeeb Abid Baloch (YP05-BALOCHISTAN03).

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PILDAT marks the 2nd Anniversary of Youth Parliament Pakistan’s Martyrs with a Memorial Booklet


Islamabad, July 27; On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the plane crash, PILDAT pays rich tribute to the 6 members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan who were martyred in the cause of public service and democracy.

July 28, 2012 marks the second anniversary of the ever-painful plane crash in which we lost our best and brightest 6 members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. July 28, 2010 was the fateful day when six members of Youth Parliament Pakistan lost their lives alongside other passengers in an Airblue flight crash. The 6 members of Youth Parliament on board the flight were travelling from Karachi to join the Youth Parliament session in Islamabad, a PILDAT statement said.

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Sustainable economic development can only be ensured by establishing the industry on the basis of enhanced partnership with international organizations: Aftab Ahmed Chaudhary, MD Lahore Stock Exchange addresses Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, June 24; While addressing the session of the Youth Parliament Pakistan, Mr. Aftab Ahmed Chaudhary said that the Government should take effective steps to unleash the processes of innovation and enhanced international cooperation in order to ensure sustainable economic development. He was of the view that the recent financial crisis on international level was due to the lack of insight on the part of bank management.

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All are equal before the Constitution; Hats-off to the maturity of those who have implemented Judiciary’s decisions: Chief Justice of Pakistan


Islamabad, June 23; All citizens are equal before the Constitution, said the Chief Justice of Pakistan, and the Superior Courts have administered justice based on this very principle. “Hats are also off to all those institutions that have accepted and implemented the decisions of the Court.”

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Self-Reliance should be the ultimate goal of our economy: Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar addresses Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, June 22; In an interactive session on the topic of Budgetary and Economic Reforms in Pakistan, Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate of Pakistan, shared with the Youth Parliament Pakistan his analysis of the economy and his reform proposals to improve Pakistan’s economy.

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Youth Parliament Pakistan presents the ‘Youth Financial Policy’ 2012


Islamabad, June 21; Youth Parliament Pakistan presented its ‘Youth Financial Policy 2012’ on the 3rd day of their 3rd Parliamentary session. The Youth Financial Policy 2012 was presented by the Youth Minister for Finance Planning Affairs and Economics Mr. Ahmed Numair Farooq (YP21-Punjab01). The policy stressed on increasing the tax income by levying Agricultural tax, broadening tax base and ensuring tax recovery from all economic sectors and all segments of society.  “The accountability of military budget, promotion of cottage industry and increase in public sector spending particularly on power projects can save the economy of the country which is on the verge of collapse,” said the Minister. A reform in the trade policy was also demanded by the Youth Parliament Pakistan.

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Educated Youth is the answer to all major Crises currently faced by Pakistan: Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque; Deputy Chairman Planning Commission of Pakistan


Islamabad, June 20; Youth Parliament Pakistan started its 3rd session which was based on Budgetary and Economic Reforms in Pakistan. On its 1st day of the 3rd session, Youth Minister for Finance, Planning Affairs and Economics, Mr. Ahmed Numair Farooq (YP21-PUNJAB01) moved a legislative motion to discuss the possible recommendations for the Youth Finance Policy 2012. A number of recommendations were given by the members for the removal of budget deficit, increase in tax revenues, eradication of tax evasion, debt servicing, eradication of economic disparity and economic initiatives to be taken for solving energy crisis.

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Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project should be initiated by the government on urgent basis in order to tackle the energy crisis: Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, April 20; Youth Parliament has demanded that Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline should be completed by 2014 by the Government of Pakistan. “Pakistan should not bow to any international pressure,” advised the Youth Parliament, adding that Pakistan’s energy needs are critical. The house was of the opinion that the challenges posed by the country’s energy situation are undoubtedly grave, but they can be tackled.

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Pakistan should have bilateral relations with USA only on the basis of equality and mutual respect: Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, April 19; Youth Parliament Pakistan members supported the joint resolution of Parliament on reshaping Pakistan’s relations with the United States and demanded that Pakistan’s foreign policy for United States and all countries of the world should be based on national interest of Pakistan, equality, and mutual respect.

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Youth Parliament trained in Counter-Extremism


Islamabad, April 18; To enhance understanding of the members of Youth Parliament Pakistan on what constitutes extremism and how to practically address it, an exclusive workshop on Countering-Extremism in Pakistan was organized by PILDAT during the second session of Youth Parliament Pakistan.

Spanned over 2 days, the workshop focused on identifying various facets of extremism in the society followed by exercises developing objectives, long and short term goals, strategies and recommendations.

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Government should take immediate actions to introduce Constitutional reforms for Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir: Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, April 17; Youth Parliament has demanded that the Government and the Parliament of Pakistan must take immediate steps to introduce Constitutional reforms for AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan to bring these two territories into the mainstream of Pakistan.

The second day of the second session of Youth Parliament began with the discussions on the impact of energy crisis in Pakistan. The first resolution was moved by Mr. Ahmed Numair Farooq (YP21-Punjab01) asking the provincial governments to play a pivotal role in the establishment of their own power generation units.

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Youth Parliament deplores political, sectarian and ethnic violence


Islamabad, April 16; Youth Parliament Pakistan deplored all violence in Pakistan including political, ethnic and sectarian violence on the first day of its second session that began in Islamabad.

The session started with a calling attention notice to pay tribute to the 135 individuals including 124 soldiers buried under the Siachen avalanche. The Youth Parliament observed 2 minutes of silence in respect of this tragic national loss.

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Government should redefine its policies on War on Terror, say participants


Islamabad, February 24; While discussing the War on Terror in the country, Youth Parliament members were of the opinion that the Government should revise polices. However, Parliamentarians remained divided on the issue of owning the war on terror. While some said that this is our war and we should own it others said that this is an imposed war and dialogue with militants is the only way forward.

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Youth should take part in decision making process at the National Level: Inaugural Session of the 4th Youth Parliament


Islamabad, February 23; Addressing the Youth Parliament at its inaugural session Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi, (NA-24, D. I. Khan) MNA, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, said that the Youth Parliamentarians should take part in policy making process at the national level and the Government and Parliament would encourage it.

The Inauguration Session of the 4th Youth ParliamentPakistan was addressed by Engr. Khuram Dastgir Khan, (NA-96, Gujranwala-II)MNA, Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Commerce, Mr. Nadeem Afzal Gondal, (NA-64, Sargodha-I) MNA, Chairman National Assembly Public Accounts Committee, Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhary, (NA-4, Islamabad-II) MNA,PML-N, Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan, MNA, PML-N, Senator S. M. Zafar, Chairman Steering Committee of the Youth Parliament Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. Uffe Wolffhechel, Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan, Mr. Wazir Ahmed Jogezai, former Deputy Speaker National Assembly and Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, Executive Director-PILDAT.

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Youth Parliament elects Prime Minister; Deputy Speaker; pays tribute to 6 martyred MYPs


Islamabad, February 23; Fourth day of the first session of Youth Parliament of Pakistan culminated in the completion of the ascertainment process for the Leader of the House as well as election for the Deputy Speaker Youth Parliament Pakistan.

A democratic process was adopted, same as in the National Assembly of Pakistan, for the ascertainment of the member who commanded the confidence of the majority of the members. Mr. Mohammad Hashim Azeem (YP33-Punjab13; Blue Party) emerged as Youth Leader of the House. He obtained 47 votes out of 54 MYPs who had been administered oath. In his address after he took oath as the Youth Prime Minister, Azeem said that he would uphold the system of merit and ‘right person for the right job’ in choosing his Youth Cabinet.

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Energy Crisis due to lack of will on part of Government: Youth Parliament Pakistan


Islamabad, February 22; While discussing the energy crisis in Pakistan, the majority of Youth Parliament  members believed that the Federal Government can solve the issue of energy in the country but it has not been able to do so due to lack of political will and foresight. Pakistan has the installed capacity to produce 20000 Mega Watts, but it is only producing around half of this capacity. The Youth Parliament members also believed  that the Government should look to produce energy from alternate sources such as Wind and Solar.

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Fourth Youth Parliament Pakistan Meets for its Inaugural Session


Islamabad, February 20; The inaugural session of 4th batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan 2012, begins today in Islamabad. Facilitated by PILDAT, the Youth Parliament Pakistan is patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan. Its membership is drawn from young Pakistanis aged between 18-29 years from Balochistan, KP, Punjab, Sindh, Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK and FATA.

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