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Youth Parliament urges the federal government to take up the issue at the international level in order to ensure exemplary punishment to the filmmakers and stop such hatred acts in future

Islamabad, September 21: Youth Parliament Pakistan condemns the  policy of fanning hatred which is showing disrespect for a personality whose reputation is noted and is being celebrated for the last 1,400 years of history not only by Muslims but by non-Muslims too. The Youth Parliamentarians commended the Government of Pakistan of marking September 21 (Friday) a national holiday in honour of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  

The Youth Parliamentarians were of the view that all the protests should be culminated peacefully and almost all the speakers unanimously asked the rulers of the Islamic countries to lodge protest with the US.

Ms. Rabiya Shamim (YP53-SINDH05) and Mr. Omair Najam (YP52-SINDH04) said that there should be laws to regulate the Internet industry and the concerned rules should be made ethical for the people of all nationalities.

Mr. Tabraiz Sadiq Marri (YP58-SINDH10) Leader of the Opposition said, “By practicing violence in the form of protests, no one is going to lose more than Muslims. Violence has never been effective. What will be the result of this violence? Will non-Muslim world respect our nation when some of its people lose their sense of justice and kill someone innocent who has nothing to do with the verbal assaults of an imbecile?”

Mr. Osama Mehmood (YP42-PUNJAB22) appealed to the United Nations to frame laws to stop publication and circulation of blasphemous material against Islam or any other religion.

Mr. Zafar Saddique (YP39-PUNJAB19) Youth Minister for Finance, Planning Affairs and Economics said, “We condemn this conspiracy of producing (an) anti-Islam film. Such blasphemous acts are intentional conspiracies from the US and we will not tolerate it.” 

Later, the proceedings of the house were adjourned.

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